PBIC 2013 (Point Blank International Championship 2013)

PBIC is an annual international tournament which is held by the developer Zepetto as the main sponsor. Zepetto a FPS game development company that became the sole sponsor for the tournament held international class. PBIC first held in 2011 in South Korea. Point Blank all players from all over the world are invited to compete in the large-scale competition to be the best and strongest team.

history PBIC :

@ PBIC first in South Korea, Yong Sen E-Sport Stadium Soul in 2011

@ PBIC second in Indonesia, Bandung Trans Sudio 2012

@ PBIC the third time in Thailand Central World Live, Bangkok
* PBIC 2013 will be followed by 8 countries, namely: Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, Taiwan, Turkey.

Stage :

PBIC 3rd stage itself has a future called PBNC4th, wherein each of the Indonesian Regional Champion and will compete for the slot to be participants in the world competition PBIC 3rd. Previous PBNC4th been completed and are being held at the same time get a slot for the winner PBIC (in-Thailand) is none other than Team of "ARK GTR GF7".

Of the many participants throughout the Regional Team 1 in Indonesia will directly deal with the team from another country. with a total of 8 to 9 Team Strongest Country in the world, they had to fight for 2 days to get a very large gift from Zepetto.

Game Location PBIC 2013

Rewards from Zepetto in PBIC 2013
* Come troopers to include your team for competition PBSC (Point Blank Super Cup 2013)