Gemscool Eligium Online Indonesia

Eligium Indonesia is a new game from Gemscool Indonesia that plays about the battle between humans and demons Eligium or demon with a cool background .

The players Gemscool Online Eligium Indonesia will face a variety of unique action adventure game that is different from earlier in Gemscool Indonesia. The gamers can play alone explore Eligium great . Or the players can play together Eligium Games with other gamers to help each destroy the devil or demons .

Gemscool Games Online Eligium Indonesia is almost saama with previous games in the Junior Member who reminds us with a kind of online games like Atlantica Gemscool Gemscool Indonesia , Mako Gemscool Indonesia , Indonesian Lost Saga and Dragon Nest Gemscool Gemscool Indonesia , but the features in the latest game of Gemscool Indonesia Online Eligium Indonesia exciting games and style of play is a little different from the others .

Features Gemscool Eligium Online Indonesia :
  • 4 selection races in Eligium Online Gemscool Indonesia , namely the human race , Silvia , Elf , and Panda , with a choice of 5 levels of expertise that is warrior , hunter , druid , mage and fighter .
  • You can have a Pet for Pet exaggerated from birth for the more powerful and help you in battle destroy the demon 
  • War games special game on a bigger scale than the other Gemscool games that could include 100 players online at once 
  • Gemscool Eligium has maps are large in size that can be explored in this Eligium game . Eligium map also has a basement , a lot of the demons and the challenges that you can find. 
  • For business graphics , game Eligium Online Indonesia using Gemscool servers were very nice with 3D rendering that appear real . However , to display more than perfect graphs of Game Eligium needed Grafic adapter with a high specification in order to display this game more completely and seamlessly . VGA recommended minimum on your computer is a GeForce 7600 with 1 GB of RAM .

Computer Specifications Gemscool Eligium Online Indonesia
To play this game you need Eligium have a computer with minimum specifications are :
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows ( XP and above ) 
  • CPU Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.8G and above 
  • 1GB memory 
  • VGA Adapter GeForce 7600 or similar 
  • The minimum capacity of 4Gb HDD 
  • Broadband Internet Connection 
  • Keyboard and Mouse
 Download Eligium Online Gemscool Indonesia
To download Eligium full game + patch and play the game online gaming Online Eligium Indonesia Gemscool you can download these games Eligium in .

Regristrasi Gemscool Online Eligium Indonesia
To regristrasi Eligium and memaikannya game after you download Eliguim you can do regristrasi Gemscool Online Eligium Indonesia in or read more at Register ID Gemscool.
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