Gemscool Freestyle

Gemscool Freestyle | 3D Game Street Basketball themed MMO developer JC Entertainment brew was carried off by the popular online game publisher in Indonesia, namely PT. Kreon (Gemscool), which first brought the title row antaralain favorite local players such as Point Blank, Atlantica, Yulgang, On Air, and also MAKOOnline. Although unlike most online games tend to belong Gemscool thatpioneer in a particular genre class (FPS - Point Blank, based RPGTurn - Atlantica, Card Game - MAKO), FreeStyle game onlinepertama not present in Indonesia with a sports theme, but tetapperintis for the class of games Basketball sports.

Historical Background
Initially, the original game FreeStyle Street Basketball denganjudul already been dipublisholeh Sierra Online on May 15, 2007 to implement a community gamerAmerika the premium system upgrade if you want mencapailevel cap 45. Unfortunately, in the hands of Sierra Online, this game tidakbertahan long and stop operation since 25 September 2008.

Until finally, about a year later, FreeStyle Street Basketball GameKiss mengumumkanpeluncuran, precisely on 1Februari 2009, by applying the model of free-to-play and sistemexperience-based leveling so that players can level up when a certain EXP mencapaipersyaratan to obtain each additional attributes bagikarakter each. Attribute is what will differentiate kemampuandari each character as it affects how fast they ran, how far he jumps, dribble the ball, did steal ataupunpassing accurate.

early Games
Almost the same as MMOlainnya game, after you perform a series of processes download, install, and then make Junior Member ID (the ID applies to all games milikGemscool), then you will go to the Main Menu FreeStyle OnlineIndonesia where you are required to make the first character dahulu.Saat want to try make a review of this game, I initially had ragukarena honestly do not like the sport of basketball ... despite high berposturlumayan: D Argh, anyway .. the character creation here kalianakan given three options to play the position to be taken by tiapplayer, accompanied by a complete description of their specialization darimasing position (Guard, Forward, Center). I had been a basketball player short hanyamengkategorikan it certainly Guard, which radatinggi like to take the ball rebound is Forward, and most certainly a center tinggimenjulang With this I see so tahukarakteristik of each position along with their respective specialties.

Next on the customization of characters , starting with menentukannama characters to use in the game , then select the appropriate gender dantampilan of character you want. Although fungsikustomisasi here quite realistic , but unfortunately the option hanyadibatasi 3 Male gender types ( different height and weighing ) , 2 tipegender Women are somewhat similar , and the choice of colors and modelT - shirts that will be used . The rest of you can get your saatkarakter reaches a certain level or the level membeliitem using cash / points that you can while playing . Setelahmelakukan related settings and some of the characters in the game settings , you can select the game mode you want to play , between singleplayer and Team Player .

Online gemscool FreeStyle Indonesia can menjadipilihan alternative for players who love the genre of sports games , even for those who do not like sports . Because FreeStyleOnline offer games like Street Basketball is kentaldengan feel of Hip- Hop music and gave " freedom " and " young mewakilianak " so the player can really be at home when memainkannya.Tidak to be good at playing basketball , if you want to play FreeStyle OnlineIndonesia , because of its superiority in the " simplicity " inidimana game whoever you even included new plays FSbisa compete and enjoy the game with other players

gemscool freestyle
FreeStyle Online Indonesia also offers 3 modes of play , yakni3v3 , 2v2 , and 1v1 , in a half- court basketball game ( meskidi some versions outside , there is a field that plays full ! ) . Prior to participating in the game , you have to go into the Lobby and finding a team to compete . Controlling dalampertandingan character is not too complicated , where the movement direction dikendalikanoleh button , while you use the WASD keys to skilldasar play basketball such as passing , shooting , rebounding , blocks , slamdunk , and more depending on whether you 're in posisibertahan or attack .

One of the most common I salute FreeStyleOnline Indonesia is a tutorial at the beginning of the game feature , which is the main requirement harusnyamemang used in any online game era sekarangdengan include tutorials are easy to understand and not sulitdijalankan , and of course fun . And those three things sayatemukan while following the tutorial FS feature , where stage - tahapannyajelas , ranging from basic exercises , giving bagiplayer skills test , then have to challenge some of the AI - controlled players basketdari standard to most good .

It is supporting translational in-game FreeStyle OnlineIndonesia I regard as one of the best in the local online semuagame I am trying to date, wherein said raw katanyatidak but still a good read, if deh slang word ABG now !

Graphics and Sound
The graph is not too wahtapi quite interesting with the placement of bright colors and graffiti banyaktampilan could also encourage players to be more bersifatkreatif: D Features of sound in the game was made very supportive, dimanasepanjang tutorial, even in the game though, you also akandihibur by music-hip-hop style of music is increasingly making kalianterlena and will probably continue to play this game addictive.

Realistic basketball game, but it does not require you to be good at playing basketball or lebihdahulu in order to enjoy the game. Perhaps the previous loveth or less familiar with the game of basketball can get a lot of plays FreeStyle Online masukanberarti in Indonesia. Function will be closed as minimal kustomisasiyang evolving levelnyadan player has access to a number of items and cool accessories in game.Pengalaman playing FreeStyle Online also has the potential to meningkatkankemampuan players to work in teams.

Although not as popular as the sport of football in Indonesia, but Indonesia could be FreeStyle Online hobbies, talents, and interests you to onlinebertemakan sports games, especially since no one has ever raised before basketball. According KlikGame, interesting idea, didukungdengan adequate technology to reach by almost all onlinegamer in Indonesia, as well as some features that are topnotch quality, plus the gameplay is fun, what a pity when not plays FreeStyle Online Indonesia.